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Pet First Aid Certification Course

Pet First Aid Pet First Aid

Walks N' Wags Pet Care is a Canadian company that offers a comprehensive Pet First Aid Certificate Course for dog AND cat professionals and pet owners where they can learn to provide emergency first aid for our 4-legged friends. This course is taught by DogGone Right! Inc. owner and WNW Certified instructor Margaret Pender. Bring your own 'user-friendly' pet or share one to practice the skills you learn to experience them wriggling about as you try to bandage them and find their vital signs.

Upon completion CCPDT members earn 10 continuing education credits.

Important topics covered in the course include:

  1. Prevention of illness and injury
  2. Recognizing signs of common illness and injuries including:
    o Common medical conditions
    o Poisoning
    o Injuries from Heat and Cold
    o Bleeding wounds
    o Bone and Joint injuries
    o Shock and vital signs
  3. Immediate steps to take in an emergency
  4. Safely working with an injured animal focusing on Restraint and Transportation
  5. Whelping and Queening
  6. Administering medication
  7. Heimlich Artificial Respiration (AR)
  8. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  9. Dealing with Grief

Course Details

  • » Fee $209.05 ($185.00 + $24.05 HST)
  • » 10 hours of instruction time with a strong emphasis on methods of preventing illness and injury
  • » An extensive, user-friendly manual complete with custom illustrations
  • » Learn how to perform AR and CPR for dogs and cats
  • » Certificate of completion upon passing the course from Walks N' Wags Pet Care
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